Diets! So many out there! But which one is the best for me? Let's find out. (Updated)

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Diets! So many out there! But which one is the best for me? Let's find out. (Updated)

Throughout the course of ten years, I've been hearing my colleagues talk about these awesome diets they've gone on and their awesome results. I did try many of them, however they did not seem to work in my favour, for many reasons. I ended up being demotivated and confused. But the answer to this issue might be simpler than you imagine.

Simple question, simple answer.

 Which is the best diet for you? It's the one you can stick to.

When choosing the best diet for you, many experts agree that you should be able to keep it up.

It doesn't matter how fast the diet promises to make you lose weight, because you might end up gaining it back fast as well. Or, how scientifically proven the diet claims to be. The only thing that matters is how long you will be able to follow it.

Let us state a basic principle.

 Calories in minus calories out, results in weight loss, gain or maintenance. So, in order to lose pounds, you have to eat fewer calories and be more active.

With this principle in mind, let us now consider all, a healthy diet should include:

Portion Control,


Foods from all groups,

Allow healthy snacks in between meals,

Encourage drinking plenty of water,

Small servings of your favourite foods and beverages,

Promote steady weight loss and

Be created by certified professionals.

A Healthy diet.

Now that you know how to recognise a healthy diet, you will need to find the one that suits best your lifestyle.

What I am afraid the most when starting a diet, is to finish my meal and still be hungry, so if you share that fear, make sure that the diet plan that you choose contains foods that are high in fibre and water, like soups, vegetables, fruit. These will make you feel full and will prevent cravings.

Lean protein, such as chicken, fish, beans combined with fibre and water will give hours of energy.


Questions to ask myself.

The following questions will assist you in choosing the best diet for you:

Do I want a controlled diet plan or one that is more flexible? Some people like the flexibility of making your own food choices, and some others would prefer specific foods and correct portions to help them stay on track.

Does it match my eating style? Can it accommodate my dining out patterns? Is it easy for family members to adapt to it? Do the meal timings fit my working schedule?

Does it include foods I like and I can prepare? Some diet plans include meal replacement or protein shakes. It might sounds great in the beginning but would you do it for a long time? Or in other case, how many hours are you willing to spend in the kitchen preparing that meal?

Can I still have my favourite foods or beverages? If you cannot image life without a glass of wine with your dinner or an occasional dessert, then you should look for a plan that can accommodate small servings of these. On the other hand, you might be that kind of person that cannot stop at just one glass, then maybe you need a stricter plan. If you are likely to indulge in comfort foods or junk food, make sure you diet has healthy substitutes for these.

Does it match my exercise level? Look for a diet that promotes physical activity that you enjoy and find achievable. It could be, weight lifting, yoga sessions, salsa lessons, hiking or just cleaning the house.

What about my bad eating habits? Is it sitting in front of the TV snacking endlessly? Drinking many glasses of wine? Eating while cooking? The diet plan you choose should aim to slowly improve your eating habits. You don't have to discard all your habits and recipes, just integrate your new diet gently.

How quickly will I lose weight? Just bear in mind that, in the beginning, the weight loss that occurs is mostly water. Experts state that, if you are on a low-carb diet, you body will give up water first while forced to find another source of fuel. You may want to lose weight fast however the experts advise to do it slowly and steadily. The proper pace would be approximately 1-2 pounds per week.

Can I follow this diet forever? If the answer to this question is no, of course, don't even bother starting it.

Are supplements, cleansing or detox formulas needed? In order to reinforce your nutrition, a daily multivitamin can be taken, but most of your nutrients should come from a healthy weight loss plan.

Is it a gradual change? How does the baby step concept sound? Sometimes change can be difficult, and the more you have to change, the harder it is. Look for a plan that slowly changes your eating and exercise habits.


You can do it on your own.

The truth is that you don't need a diet book or a program to succeed at loosing weight. All you need to do is to consult with a registered dietitian to come up with plan that suits your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

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